June 2018 update: #DMJAM and next big project

Just a small update.

Hello everyone,

Last two weeks have been busy. I’ve relaunched this blog here with some updates to the layout and pages so people can find all the DMJAM stuff easily while also having a tab for my other projects.

The biggest update to the dungeon is probably the resources page I’ve made to support our contestants and other adventure writers. It took me some time to find some useful pages but I really feel we have a good basis list that we can now steadily increase in size. But so far it had been well received in the community.

The start of the month was also special, not only because it was my 23rd birthday but it was also the start of the second Dungeon Master Jam. The project is slowly growing outside its baby shoes and if all goes well the second edition will be a big improvement in quality but also in size. I’m also really happy with the result of the writing prompts the jam got. The Theme ‘Wedding Gone Wrong.’ offers so many possibilities and great ideas are being written down if I can believe my discord community.

The next two weeks I will be finishing up my exams and right after that I can start the judging process of the Jam. I’ve also decided on a new project I’m going to start around that time involving dungeon building so stay tuned for that.

Talk to you guys soon!


Big Update May 2018

Where I’ve been and what comes next.

Hello everyone,

I have been gone here for a loooong time. But now I’m back! It’s only fair that I fill you in on what I’ve been up to so here it goes.

Trying to move my content

I was not really enthusiastic with the looks of this blog (and to be honest I’m still not convinced) so I tried some other places and layouts. Eventually I ended up using Wix for a while but after doing that for a few months I found it took a lot more time to write the same kind of posts I can make here.

Before I left I was also doing a D&D 30 day challenge. It started out fun but the later days were kind of boring to write and to read so I didn’t feel like finishing them.

Publishing my first adventure

During January and February I’ve run a lot of one-shot for my local game store. I did one for valentine’s day that I particularly liked so I write it all down and published it on the Dmsguild. I was really proud with the results and people seem to enjoy it. I learned a lot from it and I will be making more of them in the future.

Click here if you want to check it out, it’s PWYW.

The Dungeon Master Jam

After writing my first adventure I realised I’m not the only one trying to make these, but for a lot of people it’s a big leap to just start adventure writing. That’s why I decided to create the Dungeon Master Jam. A small competition where you create a module and some experienced people can help you with the progress, give feedback and help you improve. We are also creating some fun stuff for the D&D community so that’s also a big plus.

The Future?

So yea I’m back now. Currently a lot of my spare time is going to organise the second DMJAM. The other time that I have is going to my exams that are starting next week until June 13th. I’m also looking for a small job so I can fund the artwork for my next adventure.

I also have some ideas for blog posts I want to make in the near future. Maybe a review for Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, a small mechanic that I’ve been testing for the past few months to increase roleplaying and once the exams are over I really want to do some encounter compendium posts!

Well see you guys soon!



Updates and stuff

What I’ve been up to and plans for the future.

Hi all,

I’m writing this post as a small update to what I’ve been doing and what’s going to happen in the coming weeks. Recently I took a trip to Amsterdam to play and DM DnD for a whole day, I also got a chance to play test my first adventure (it went great). I’m also going to use this opportunity to talk about the Campaign Diary and Encounter Compendium.

So lets start with the beginning the trip to Amsterdam. We did two one-shots, one by one of my players who wanted to try DM’ing for the first time and the play test game by me.


The one-shot was a lot of fun. We played a low-level adventure about wolves who suddenly were a lot smarter, and could even talk. They were terrorizing a local town and we had to save them.

I played a giant fat sad violinist who had a big interest in magic, food and exploration (he was going to be the main NPC in my one-shot later that day).

The adventure itself was straight forward. Save some shepherds, find out whats up, more wolves and a boss fight. I did think the encounters itself were a bit to strong for our party. In one of the earlier encounters my character died. Because the DM felt guilty and wanted me to be able to play the final of the adventure he said he that after combat I regained consciousness. He should not have done that in my opinion, I would have been perfectly fine watching the last part. Now dying in the game had no more meaning (I might write a post about this in the future).

The boss fight was heavy. We failed our stealth when we were scouting the wolves den and so we had to fight the encounter in front of the den and the boss fight at once. To add to our misery one of the wolves could breath fire. In the end half the party died again, this time for good. The two survivors made a deal with the wolves to leave them alone if they stop killing sheep and that was how the adventure ended. It was fun and our first time DM did a good job.

wolves of welton

Play test

After a pizza break it was my turn to shine. As some as you guys might now, I’m in the progress of making my first DnD adventure for the DM’s guild so it was a perfect opportunity to do a play test.

The summary of the adventure is the following: A fat wizard has shrunken some creatures and put them in his body to help him with some of his physical problems. After a few months he becomes weaker everyday, with his stomach feels stingy, he gets constant migraine attacks, and does sudden strange jerky movements with his arms. He also just feels a lot weaker than he should. To solve this he called upon the hero’s. He shrinks them as well and they have to kill the stuff inside his body that’s tormenting him.

I’m not going to reveal to much of the adventure today but it is a silly adventure. The wizard is in a hurry and if the players don’t stop him to ask questions they get shrunken and have no clue what to do inside of his body.

There are three encounters to solve. Not all can be solved with combat. And afterwards they find out they need to escape the wizards body to get back to normal size.

The adventure itself was a lot of fun, and honestly one of the more amusing sessions I’ve ever ran. For my group tho it fell a bit short, only 2,5 hours. I might need to put some extra stuff in before the next play test. But I guess if you put this into an ongoing campaign it can take a bit longer. It’s a one-shot for a party of level 8 so if ran with newer player it will probably also take a bit longer.

I don’t feel like adding stuff for the sake of it so perhaps I just keep it the way it is.

Current series on my blog

So for the small duration of my blog I’ve been posting focusing on two types of post. Campaign Diary and Encounter Compendium. I must admit I’m starting to have doubts about the formula of the diary. I don’t think it has a lot of value to outsiders so in the future the formula will change a bit. It will take 3-4 more post to catch up on the campaign and after that I want to change to focus more to lessons I learned running the game. So you’ll still have a story but DM’s might as well get some nice advice from it.

The Encounter compendium I really enjoy writing and it had been received well in the small community that I’m building. They take some research and time to write but more will follow soon. I might use social media to decide what monsters follow next.

So whats next?

For the coming two weeks focus will be on school. Reexamination are here and they take priority during that time. So I expect I won’t be able to make a lot of post. During this time there won’t be a new Encounter Compendium. I am going to try to finish a Campaign Diary post.

After that post will be back to regular schedule. Monday a campaign Diary, every other Friday an Encounter Compendium. I’ll also try to post some opinion/advice/reviews in the future on random days or in weeks without an encounter post.

The goal of my DM’s guild adventure is to have a finished product by the end of September. It will be named “The Inside Job”

So now you are up to date with the Backfip Dungeon.

Have a nice day


A Small Update

Things I did since we started and plans for the future.

Hi all DrBackflip here to give a small update on the blog. Backflip Dungeon started two weeks ago and I’m starting to get a better grasp on what I’m doing.

So far I’ve made some small updates on the blog’s design and logo. It’s not perfect but it will do for now. Maybe one day I just get someone better than me in designing to help me.

I’ve written about two and a half campaign diaries, and an encounter compendium post. Both are fun to write but are very different. The campaign diaries I can just base of my notes and memory and as we are catching up to the current story it will get even easier for me. I’m also experimenting with the style of the post. More objective facts or more in the style of a story. We’ll see where it goes I guess.

I’ve gotten some good feedback from the Ankheg encounter compendium post and I truly enjoyed making it although it took a lot more work. Researching, encounter building, map making all that kind of stuff but its super rewarding to hear people are using it for their games. So more of them are on the way!

As of now I’m planning to release a campaign diary every Monday as long as there is content (my games do not run every week). Encounter compendium will be more in a every 2-3 week range and will be released on Fridays.

Other type of post like reviews, interviews and discussions will just appear when I feel like it. Also I’m currently working on my first official adventure for the DM’s guild. Saturday will be the first play test.

That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading and have a nice day!