The D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 14

Ever had a boring NPC? Well I guess most DM’s and players have in the past. Creating a good NPC is a challenge every time and you never know how the players might react.

I think it would be rather pointless to talk about the favorite NPC of my own worlds since you won’t now him. But one of the best and most memorable NPC’s I’ve had in my game comes from Barovia. Strahd von Zarovich.


Favorite NPC

When Strahd is close he immediately brings a lot of emotion to the table. Fear, anger, sadness or maybe even a change to gain power. Depending on the players and how you play him the story can go a lot of different ways.

He is one of the most famous (and beloved) bad guys in Dungeons and Dragons history. The lore about him dates back to the early 90’s so he has a rich background you can use.

In the Curse of Strahd adventure he is a force you need to overcome. When the party first meets him they don’t stand a chance. But slowly the PC grow stronger and eventually visit his castle where they can finally slay him.

I enjoyed playing Strahd and every time my players had an encounter with him it was a moment to remember.