What is the DMJAM

The Dungeon Master Jam is a friendly adventure design competition. Contestants get two weeks time to create an awesome module that has to fit certain criteria that will only be announced on the first day of the competition.

​Afterwards a few judges read and rate all adventures and decide who is the winner. The best adventures will get a small prize.

​We then bundle all the adventures and sell them on the DMsguild. The profit we make here goes straight towards the prize pool of the next jam. All contestants who send in an valid adventure will also get a copy of this bundle.

​We try to guide people who are new with adventure writing as much as possible, you can always ask for advice, share your struggles and other stuff on our discord server.  You can also always contact me on drbackflipnacho@hotmail.com or @DrBackflip on twitter.

​Sounds interesting? Check out the submission rules, our past jam and our next/current one.



Creator of the DMJAM and avid dungeon master. Currently
working on publishing his second adventure and other random project. Also on his way to become a history teacher.

The Kind GM

Game Master, Writer, Cartographer and awesome guy.
Reviewing adventures is second nature to him.
Twitter and Website.

Terminally Nerdy

Another great guy who writes about DnD, tabletop RPG’s and
video games. He has been doing reviews for almost 3 years.
Twitter and Website.


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