Submission Rules

Submission Guide

The following requirements must be met in order for a submission to be accepted


Entries must be submitted as an unlocked PDF with no password requirements.
Page size is limited to A4 or ‘US Letter ‘

To deliver a solid bundle at the end of the jam it is advised the adventure should be written using wizards of the coasts format or something close to it.


Every submission should contain:
1. A front page with the title of your adventure, information about the level range of your adventure.
2. A second or last page containing all the copyright information. You can also use this page to self-promote yourself and thank others.


Submissions must be sent as a PDF to

In your mail mention:
1. The title and creator (or creators).
2. A small description of the adventure (no more than 280 characters).

Submissions can be replaced/revised up until the submission deadline. Only the last revision will be considered as the official submission.

Adventure restrictions

The theme and other restrictions of the adventure will be different each time and will be chosen by the contestants via an anonymous voting form.

One of the main factors we judge on is the implementation of the theme, NPC and other category.


Everyone who submits a valid entry will receive a full bundle of all adventures. The best DMs will also win dmsguild gift certificates and gift certificates for Additional (sponsored) prizes are being looked into.

The complete adventure bundle will be published on the DM’s guild. Profits will be used to fund future rounds of the DMJAM.


Adventures will be bundled and sold on so your adventure has to be within their rules.

So no violations of IP, copyright, or trademark of others. You need permission of artist to use their work or use art from the public domain.