Resources For Adventure Writers

A collection of free to use resources to help participants of the DMJAM and other adventure writers. Did I forget something, link not working or want your own work added? Don’t hesitate and let me know!


DMsguild – The guild has a lot of free artwork you can just download and use. Monsters, maps, locations and other stuff.

DriveThruRPG – Just like the DM’s guild lots of free, PWYW or paid works.

The Met – Over 450.000 images of artworks in human history. Once you search something be sure to mark Public Domain Artworks on the left side menu.

The British Library – Over 1.000.000 images, all free to use. Sadly no search function but they do have albums of different stuff like fauna, Ghost and ghoulish scenes, Ships and boats…


Dyson Logos – An awesome list of maps you can use and modify as long as you give credit to him.

Deven Rue – Black and white world maps as long as the artist is clearly attributed & is not being sold as individual images or part of an art collection.

Medieval Fantasy City Generator Watabou – Easy to use, lots of option and you can drag things around.

Polygon Map Generator – This generator creates simple “volcanic” style island maps.

Hexographer – Hex map builder, there is a free version.

Donjon Dungeon Generator – Fast Dungeon generator. Gives you a few options but once it’s generated you don’t have a lot of customizability.


CritterDB – Create your own 5e monster stat blocks.

GMBinder – Tool to create and manage tabletop RPG documents to look like Dungeons and Dragons products.  Still updates on a regular basis.

Homebrewery – Does the same as GMBinder but is a bit older and hasn’t been updated for a while.


Laying Out Your Adventure on a Buget – Tutorial by ENnie nominated creator of Loot The Room, Chris Bissette.

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