So far only one adventure here but I am very proud of it. More are coming soon!


Crazy Little Thing Called Love

My first experience with the DMsguild. I made this adventure to celebrate Valentine’s day in my local game shop, and guess what? It was a hit! I had no choice but to write it down for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Since its my first title on the DMsguild I have made it PWYW. So far more than 300 people have downloaded a copy and it had a 5 star rating on the guild!

You can find it here.


A valentine adventure for a mid tier adventure group (levels 5-10)

Cambion twins Olvez and Sarkon succeeded in capturing a demi-god of love Sol. Using his magical arrows the twins have started creating chaos in the town of Samora. Villagers have started to fall in love with random people, animals and objects and some of them have disappeared completely .

Using the chaos as a distraction they succeeded in capturing the mayor of the town Sir Tremlay, to add to this they made his brother and second in command Sir David fall in love with his horse.

For now the twins are just enjoying their new found power. But if no one stops them they will gather more and more crazy in love slaves to attack and take over the town of Samora.