June 2018 update: #DMJAM and next big project

Just a small update.

Hello everyone,

Last two weeks have been busy. I’ve relaunched this blog here with some updates to the layout and pages so people can find all the DMJAM stuff easily while also having a tab for my other projects.

The biggest update to the dungeon is probably the resources page I’ve made to support our contestants and other adventure writers. It took me some time to find some useful pages but I really feel we have a good basis list that we can now steadily increase in size. But so far it had been well received in the community.

The start of the month was also special, not only because it was my 23rd birthday but it was also the start of the second Dungeon Master Jam. The project is slowly growing outside its baby shoes and if all goes well the second edition will be a big improvement in quality but also in size. I’m also really happy with the result of the writing prompts the jam got. The Theme ‘Wedding Gone Wrong.’ offers so many possibilities and great ideas are being written down if I can believe my discord community.

The next two weeks I will be finishing up my exams and right after that I can start the judging process of the Jam. I’ve also decided on a new project I’m going to start around that time involving dungeon building so stay tuned for that.

Talk to you guys soon!