The D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 10

The one time my party almost died to squirrels.

Its April the 1st and it was about time our campaign took a break from the serious story we where running. Apart from changing critical fails to critical successes (and vice versa) on all throws I also had to bring something crazy to the table.


Craziest In-Game Experience Monster

The party was on the way back to the capital after retrieving a macguffin. As they where sleeping the party’s ranger on guard duty heard something in the distance. Looking at his wooden cup of water he could see the water rippling every few seconds.

Suddenly behind him he heard a tree break and above the treeline a Godzilla sized squirrel  appeared.

The party rushed to attack it. It was a hard fight and when they thought they defeated it, the squirrel exploded into multiple tiny squirrel swarms. The PC’s were almost killed and eaten by squirrels.

In the end tho they all woke up, wiping the sweat of their head they realized it was just a bad dream. Or was it?

Squirrel stat block:



The D&D 30 day Challenge: Day 9

Five the barbarian ranger.

I think most DM’s have characters prepared they maybe one day want to play. I certainly do. For more than a year I have a character sitting on the shelf waiting to be played. Five.


Favorite PC you’d like to play

Five is an orc who’s parents deemed unfitting and to weak to be part of there family. Instead of giving him a name the just called him five because he was their fifth child. The shunned him from the tribe keeping him in their tent to do small and unimportant tasks like washing their clothes.

When he got to old and big and they had to provide food for their failure of a son they abandoned Five in the woods and said to never come back.

Now 20 years of being mainly by himself and surviving in the wilds he has found a civilized land where he can life. He is now looking to prove his worth to the world and maybe find some a parent figure or mentor to hone his skill as a ranger/barbarian.

The D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 7

I have watched a lot of 2e edition, played 5e for about 2 years now and have some 4e experience. I liked all of them but 5e is the one I love and adore.


My Favorite Edition

As I said 5e is my favorite edition. I learned the game from watching 2e and to be honest I ever completely grasp those rules so I was a bit intimidated to start playing.

Those streams I watched also started playing 5e and after multiple sources saying how easy it was I had no choose but to also jump upon the bandwagon.

Dungeons and Dragons 5e was my first ever RPG so it will forever have a special place in my hearth and memories. My best and my worst stories come from that game and every week with every game we play new stories make me love it even more.

As a DM it’s also just very easy to homebrew. Don’t like the rules for long rest, exp or combat encounters? Just change them!

There is something to learn from every edition and RPG game and 5th edition makes its super easy to add or change the rules. That’s why 5e is my favorite edition!

The D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 6

Cerberus, the god of awesome.

I have not used many gods of the forgotten realms in my games, that’s why my favorite deity is one of my own.dd-30-day-challenge

Favorite Deity

In my setting there is a god for death and the unknown. A three-headed dog named Cerberus guards the gates of heaven and hell. And his spectral death dogs bring the souls of the deceased to him. Once brought before him his three heads go into discussion and lay down justice.

I just like to put pieces of our own mythology and put them in my games, be it with a changed lore. In my game he appeared once and it was a very memorable moment.

12cc6467f078b2ba39ff3038e2dbfddeArt by Caroline Gariba

The D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 5

A post about dice.

This is in my opinion one of the more stupid questions of this challenge so do not expect to find a serious answer below.


Favorite Die or Dice

Let’s just start with saying I do not really have a favorite die. I do have a lot of them (according to some of my players even a bit too much).

Most of my dice are very simple with not much decoration on them, I don’t need them to be pretty I need them to be functional and quick to read.

Some of my players have these heavily decorated dice and I admit they look nice but it has happened to much I ask them to roll they say I have a 7 + mods, they succeed their roll and when I’m halfway explaining what happens they suddenly realize they rolled a 1.

There is not a die I prefer rolling. The d20 is obviously my most used tool but all the ones except for the standard d6 I like to use. When you pick those up you are not playing monopoly anymore, you are playing an RPG.

If I do have to choose a favorite die it would be the d4. To me that’s the most strange one that I had to figure out how to read. And you have 2 different kinds of them, one with the number on top and one on the bottom.

To add to their awesomeness you can throw them on the ground as caltrops when you need to make a quick escape.

tumblr_menvqhPeq81qehhjho1_500 (1)

The D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

My favorite setting, Collabris.

We all know Dungeons and Dragons is a great game. You know what can make your game even better? An awesome fantasy world to play in. The worlds I have played in are Ravenloft, Forgotten Realms, my own homebrew and Collabris (with a lot of my own stuff in it).


Favorite Game World

For me it was a hard choice between Ravenloft and Collabris. Ravenloft has this great feeling of dread and horror which I really enjoyed when I was DM’ing it. But the first place will go to Collabris.

Collabris is a world created by Matt Colville and his community. There runs a big mountain range right through the continent dividing the world in two sides.

There are multiple countries, and places that all create some great tension. Almost all places are detailed but only in a few sentences so it’s so easy to adapt and do your own things with it. Combined with the PC’s background stories we are having an awesome time playing this world.

Broken Spine pre timeskip

The D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

My favorite class is Paladin and it should be yours too!

After talking about favorite race it was inevitable that favorite class had to be discussed. Enjoy!

dd-30-day-challengeFavorite Player Character Class

I find it really hard to choose a favorite class I honestly enjoy them all. Often if I need to roll up a character I just roll a d12 to decide what to play. But there is one class I really love.


Knights in shining armor, devoted to do the right thing. In my eyes this class comes the closest to being a real hero and for me Dungeons and Dragons is all about being hero’s.

They will stand against evil and against all odds they will succeed and make the world a better place, they are just freaking awesome.

If feel a lot of people think that to play a paladin you need to be Mr. Lawful Good, never do anything wrong or fun. That is just plainly wrong, there is so much room for nuance. In early editions you had to be LG but 5E has thrown that out of the window, for the better I think. Look at any superhero movie (or awesome anime like boku no hero) they all want to do the right thing but all have different reasons and motivations.

Paladins are great and we should all play them a bit more often!

Art by Josh Corpuz