Campaign Diary: The story so far… Part II

Session 4-7 of my Broken Spine campaign. Kobold shenanigans and traveling south.

Send on a mission by the king the party begins its journey towards Throm. Even with horses provided it would take at least 40 days of travel to reach the destination. The first part would be easy, the northern part of the Broken Spine should be a relatively save place even during winter.

Broken Spine pre timeskip

All goes well until they reach the border town Pallem. During the night a kobold raid takes place. The guards were overwhelmed and there are just to many for the party to take on so they decided to wait out the attack.

The next day the party decides to investigate the kobolds and follow their tracks. It led all the way to Coppernight Hold a small mining operation that the kobolds took over. The players spot a big group of them on the surface.

I mainly used the first dungeon from 4e book Dungeon Delve.

To much to take on they decide to spy on them for a while. They soon find out that there are two groups of kobolds originating from different tribes. So they use this knowledge to set them up against each other. Some of the kobolds start fighting each other and when they are done the party swoops in to clean them up.

Then descending into the mine they get ambushed by another kobold group, the rest of the small dungeon they are fighting kobolds and their traps. Untill they reach the final room. Apart from kobolds in the last room they find a small white dragon sitting on a crude made throne.

The fight was not an easy one, but in the end the hero’s stood victorious. Instead of killing the drake they decide to remove his fire-breathing organs and capture him as a pet. During the looting of the room they also find a hidden cell with three Dwarves in it. Brunn knew these guys from before they had to flee their home. It turns out they were building their new home here, just a week ago the dragon claimed it as his new lair and captured him.

The party returned back to Pallem, a feast was held for their celebration and the mayor always wanted a dragon so the party sold their new pet to him.

The next day they continued their journey towards Throm. Pallem was the last town in the Northern sanction so now they have to cross the Maw.

stairway snow

The Maw is a ravine running through the Broken Spine Mountains. It is the easiest way to go from the Northern Sanction to the Southern Sanction. The East side of the mountain range is overrun with Duergar the West with Drow. Even with guards passing by every few days it should be one of the most dangerous parts of the journey.

The travel through the maw took the party 6 days, on their way they were ambushed by Drow, 15 vs 5 they still won rather easy using an effective choke point combined with Fog Cloud. The day after a group of knights raced passed them. Apparently there was some big disaster in one of the southern towns.

Knights of Enel: Elite special guard of king Cyric the Grey. Six warriors/clerics sworn to the god of justice and the king. Their leader Mohan ‘Shield of Justice’ is a kind man, but unmatched in his skills with the sword. Almost just as famous is his second in command, Eldrick ‘eye of the storm’. It is said he is the fastest man in the land. That’s maybe why he does not ride a horse while traveling.

Interested in what’s going one the party makes extra haste to reach the Southern Sanction. They arrive safely in Spineguard keep and find out what’s the deal with the knights and the disaster. If its true what they heard the whole country could be in danger!

To be continued…

Thanks for reading, campaign diary will appear every Monday. Next part will be all about the disaster threatening the lands and how to party tries to save the day.


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