Campaign Diary: The story so far… Part I

A synopsis of the first few sessions of my “Broken Spine” campaign.

Hooray the first entry in my campaign diary. Thanks for coming to my dungeon where I’ll talk about one of the campaigns I run. Instead of dropping you all into a year of gameplay I think its best to give some background information about the world and story so far.

The campaign I ran before this one just came to an end around the time Matthew Colville decided to make a map/setting for his community called Collabris. I liked the result a lot, and having a professional writer make up some of the lore and intrigue of the world doesn’t hurt either. So I used Collabris as a base for my new campaign and mashed it up with some lore and references to the hero’s from last campaign.

Our group decided to play a sandboxy style of game so I integrated a lot from their backstory in the world as well. The characters didn’t know each other at the start of the game so we needed an excuse to get them together.

Our first game started in the middle of winter in a small lake village called Stolver. Grand bonfires fill the town square and melt the snow away. It’s the town’s yearly Feast of Ancestors. Village elders tell stories about long-lost hero’s. Travelers share their own adventures, and guess what by coincidence our hero’s are sitting next to each other.

Brunn Redcask, a dwarven brewer forced to flee from the dwarven city Kalanzanbaar from invading drow. After some year’s of fleeing, drinking and working for a mercenary company he is now ready to find his old gang and revenge his family, but where does he begin?

Querion V’ael, an elven prince away from home looking for a reason the magical mist in his land does not work on him anymore. Maybe the wizards in the north can help him?

Zhu Raines, a farmers boy who after training with the orc’s in the mountains is now looking for the meaning of life.

Nadar Kerrhylon, a dragonborn clock maker on the run for accusations of murder. Not planning on returning to Ziris anytime soon maybe he can find rumored crystals that would help him build the most accurate clockwork ever.

Dr.Chen, a doctor/cleric raised by yuan-ti on a quest to better understand his fate and inner struggles.


The Feast of Ancestors is interrupted by a woman who is worried about her husband and sons. They should have been back with wood a few hours ago but they are still missing…

The hero’s offer to look for him only to find a pack of wolves feeding on one of the sons and the body of a yeti. The tracks make clear there were two yeti’s so they follow its footprints to his makeshift lair. The missing father and son are trapped and killing the yeti seems like to only solution to save them.


The battle was a close one for Brunn. Locked in place by its chilling gaze the yeti did not have problems hitting him. But in the end the hero’s stood victorious and during combat by magical means they discovered the yeti’s fled the mountains running from a white drake. Very disturbing news but for today the hero’s did what they could.

Upon returning the burgomaster gave them a small reward and asked them to deliver a message the king from him. Dragon’s so far north is not a thing to take lightly.

Meeting the king and earning some coin in the progress is a chance none of the characters want to miss so the next day the leave towards Haldrim’s capital Grey’s Keep. Travelling during the winter is not the most pleasant thing but apart from Brunn almost dying from a quickling attack they reach Grey’s Keep safely.

Atmosphere in the capital is tense. King Cyric the Grey recently made a truce with the Kreshnik orc tribe allowing them to live and work inside of the city. Recent riots against opposing the decision calmed down but it only a small spark is needed to light those fires up again.


Certainly closer to his end than his beginning, the people fear what will happen when the king passes. His daughter Princess Elise will be Queen, she lost her husband to the Orc Warfather Valkun. If she becomes Queen the peace with the orcs will quickly convert to war. A vocal, traditional minority would like this very much, and in spite of her hawkish sensibilities, the majority of the people of Haldrim love Princess Elise, and remember her as a girl. The alternative is princess Miranda, a powerful enchantress who rather than play the political game perfects her magic.

During their stay in Grey’s Keep the party meets Miranda. Querion offers to pay her well if she finds out what’s the deal with him and the magic mist in his lands. It is clear if she is paid well she could be a resourceful ally.

After delivering the message of the dragon sighting the party asks if they could be of service to the king (and his money). To test their worth he allows him to be the bodyguards of Arzu an important diplomat preparing an economic mission to the recent discovered village of Throm.

To be continued…

Part II


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